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Investment account setup as Cash.  It is the account type and the asset class.  It is lot controlled.  Why it is account lot controlled?  It value is always $1.  The rules for lot sales (first in first out, first in last out) make no sense for a cash account.  Is there any way to remove this requirement of these accounts.  When selling "shares" system always requests lot identification.  This is unnecessary and a pain.
Running Quicken premium 17 current release on win 10.



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    thats the way Quicken handles investment accounts.  the account could be set up under banking and this would not happen.   I, too, have not found a way to lock in the way Quicken handles security sales for all accounts or even on an account by account basis.  one more thing tthey need to work on.
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    Unfortunately this account in linked to a brokerage account and downloaded frequently.  Thus it is forced to be in the investment account arena.   Lot control should be an option not a requirement! 
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