How can get get a list of my holdings by security?

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In QM 2007 I could sort the portfolio view by security. This was useful for me because I often hold the same security in two or more different brokerage accounts. How can I accomplish the same end now?


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    We're going to need to know which version of Quicken Mac you are using now?

    If QM2018, first select the Investing, Brokerage or Retirement heading in the sidebar to show groups of accounts together. Click the Portfolio tab, then you want to select Portfolio Value and Group by Security. You can then click the Name or Symbol column header to sort by that column. In the screenshot below, it's sorted by Symbol. To add or remove columns, click the column icon to the right of the last updated timestamp.

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    Perfect - thanks! (I'm using QM Deluxe 2018 5.8.0.)
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