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Is there anyway to get a security added to the downloadable list?

I am holding Prudential PLC Preferred NYSE:PUK.PR 6.75% Callable.

All of my other securities download fine.  This security is not listed on the Quicken Web site either.


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    When I create a new security based off of the PUK symbol, Quicken offers me PUK- , PUK-A, and PUKPF.  From a cursory examination, it appears PUK- is the best match, but you should confirm.  For me it is reporting a close on 9/21/18 of 25.981.  

    If you already have a Prudential PLC security in your Quicken file with a different ticker, perhaps the simplest PUK, you should rename that security before trying to add in the preferred version.  Quicken will try to use the same name for both, and then abort the process since one already exists with that name.  I suggest appending the actual ticker to the security name (like Prudential PLC PUK) to avoid confusion.  After getting the new security created, you may want to further edit the security name to reflect the preferred status and perhaps the nominal dividend rate.  

    For the PUK- ticker, I am only able to get the last 5 days of quotes through Quicken's normal or historical quote servers.  

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    Thanks --- I'll have to play with it some.

    I have held the PUK.PR for several years and always entered the price manually.

    I also made another stab at trying to find the undownloadable prices that throw update errors up and I am down to one.  I think this is the culprit.
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