How to handle advance rental payment

Quicken 2018 HBR R12.15
My tenant pay the November 2018 rental in advance. I do not want Q to report this as this month income because it is actually for November.
He already deposited the money into my bank.
How to record this transaction so that the rental income only reflect for November 2018?


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    The link seems to be dead :(
    Please I really need help with this! It is a problem for both rent paid a month early and rent paid a month late. 
    I have to make monthly reports for the property owner, and he puts them in quickbooks.

    To make rent apply to the correct month in quicken rental software I have to change the transaction date to the month it was supposed to apply towards. This of course makes reconciling confusing when you have to look backwards, but also completely screws up reporting to the property owners. (E.g. if I give him january report and then collect rent for january in march I need to change the transaction date which means it doesn't show up on march report and he wont get a new january report/doesn't want to have to re-input that report.

    Please help! This is basic rental software stuff and it doesn't seem to do it.
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