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As of September 5th, Quicken has stopped updating stock prices for AMZN and BAC.  I tried deleting the entire price history and getting historical prices.  That works, but the next day, there is no new price.  Both stocks are still checked in the security list.  There have been no trades in either stocks recently and there is no errant data like a stock price for the year 2020


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    Do you still own shares in these stocks?
    In the Security List, is there a checkmark in the "Download Quotes" field for this security?
    Is the security marked as hidden?
    If you no longer own shares but wish to continue tracking these securities, put a checkmark in the "Watch List" box (and customize the Portfolio view to add the "Watch List" pseudo-account)
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    Yes, as I said, both are still checked.
    Yes I still own them
    The only thing that has change is todays date.
    The only way I can update them is to do a historical update
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