Tenant due date not correct

If I enter a tenants rent and go back and delete or change it I can no longer get Quicken to automatically enter the next due date correctly.  So when I start off with a new tenant everything is fine and due dates show up correctly.  If for some reason I delete a tenants rent payment and re-enter Quicken moves the due date out one month further.  I can go in to scheduled transactions and change the date back to the correct date, but when I enter the next rent payment Quicken moves the next due payment, not to the next month, but somewhere further in to the future.  It seems to be continuing to count the number of times I enter the transaction from the original new tenant start date and every time I have to change a payment it adds another month to the next due date.  Even after resetting the due date to the correct month, the following month it still adds the total times I have entered that transaction.  This issue has been going on through several versions of Quicken.


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    You're correct.  This is a bug that has been around for a number of versions of Quicken.  The problem is exasperated if you receive two checks from roommates each month.  As far as I know there is no work-around for it.  We can only hope that one day someone from Quicken will read this tread and take the problem seriously.
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