Add your Quicken Information to your Posts plus How you are connected to the Internet?

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A number of Spammers are posting phone numbers to call for Support. Those Emails are not authorized by Quicken and are remove from the board as soon as possible.

Remember there is no charge for Official Quicken Support for currently supported products.

Hi All,

When posting to this forum, add your Quicken
information as well as operating system and Build information to your
Posts for the Windows 10 and Mac Operating Systems.

Be sure to subscribe to your post after posting so you can comment back with additional information to questions as this is an User-to-User Forum.

Quicken Official Support is located at:

Quicken Bill Pay Support is located at:

Quicken [Year] Quicken [Product] R3
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 14905.1000 taken from winver.
Include whether it is USA or Canadian Quicken program

Windows 10 Pro 32-Bit Build 18362.30
Quicken 2019 Home & Business R18.15

Mac Example:
Quicken [Year] 3.5.2
OS X v.10.11
Include whether it is USA or Canadian Quicken program

If early Windows operating systems, state the Service Pack Level.

Quicken [Year] Quicken [Product] R3
Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit Service Pack 1

If you can't open your Quicken Data File, please include the Path using File Explorer or having problems, please post the exact location of the Data File.

Ex: I:\My Documents\Quicken or  C:\Users\UserID\Documents\Quicken

Copy the address as Text to paste its location.

Very, Very Important!!!! Please inform us, how you installed Quicken, from a Download or using the CD / PC Disk. The CD Installer is for use for the first time only and can't be re-used without occurring problems with Activation starting with Quicken 2018 versions and beyond.

To obtain the information About your version of Quicken:
Open Quicken. Click Help then click About Quicken.
Mac: Quicken > About Quicken 

If Apple or MAC Computer, give that information as well, because the programs are a little different.

This way, Users who are trying to help, don't need to ask these Questions in a reply and waste time.

Also what type of Connection do you have to the Internet? Dial-up, Cable, Satellite, or FIOS

If you are posting because Quicken does not open, please notify us, if you
set up Scheduled Updates in Quicken to run in the Background.

If you are having problems with the connections from your Bank to Quicken? Please state the type of Connection you have set up for yourself, using Quicken.

Type of Connections that are available to have are: 
     Windows: Direct Connect, Express Web Connect and Web Connect.
     Mac:  Direct Connect, Quicken Connect and Web Connect.
If needed Additional information on connection methods is available here.

If you are having problems scanning to attach attachments to Quicken, include your Scanner Brand and Model Number and how the scanner is attached to the Computer via USB Cable or Wireless.

From  Rocket J Squirrel :

  • If your issue involves online banking, specify the name of your financial institution exactly as Quicken shows it.
  • Show any error messages in their entirety.
  • Include a screen capture if it will help clarify the issue. (But don't reveal any private information such as account numbers.)
From QuickenUserDC :

For Quicken Windows - let us know if you are using the Canadian or US versions.

thecreator - User of Quicken Subscription R53.16 USA

Windows 10 Pro 32-Bit Build 19045.3693
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 19045.3754

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