Time Based Invoices and How to Apply Discounts?

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Business - why don't you allow for Service Companies to be able to add dates of service in the Invoice?
I provide a number of counselling sessions during a month and I cannot find a way of having this itemised in the invoice options.
A large number of users are small, service based operators and this function should be available.
Also, how to give discounts to the standard rates?

I really am not finding H&BR much better than the basic Quicken. 

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    Quicken "Business" really is only designed for very basic business functions of a small business "sole proprietorship". If you need more involved processes, more than shown below, please consider converting to Quickbooks.

    As to your questions:
    - Unfortunately you cannot add additional columns to an invoice. The only way to add your "Dates of Service" would be to type the dates into the invoice's Description field as you create the new invoice.
    - Here's a way to add a Discount to a single invoice line item:

    Add this Item to your list of invoice items, categorize it appropriately.
    To use it in a new invoice, enter one of your service line items, then add this Discount5% item. The discount applies only to the preceding item.

    - To make a discount item apply to the entire invoice with multiple line items also create this Subtotal line item

    After adding the line items to your new invoice, add the Subtotal item followed by the Discount item:

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    Excellent example. Thank you.
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