Graphed Market Value Sometimes Does not Match Securities List Market Value

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I often look at the graph of my Portfolio while showing the list of securities down below showing market values as well.  The Market Value total at the bottom of the security list usually matches to the penny with the value for the Market Value shown in the upper right of the graph view.  However, I sometime see a huge discrepancy between the two on order of magnitude of a good 10% of the Market Value where the graphed Market Value is lower value at the bottom of the security list.  The discrepancy might exist for 2 or 3 consecutive days but will then revert to matching again.    I am using Quicken Deluxe for the Mac Version 5.8.2 (Build 58.24609.100).  


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    Would the funds happen to be any Fidelity ones that had the 10:1 spilt?
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    Sorry for the belated response.   I figured out at the issue.  I had sold a big call back in August.  However, Quicken did not update a price for that a call until a few days later.  When the price was updated, everything was fine after the date the call price was updated but the discrepancy still existed prior to that date.  To fix it, I manually entered a call price for a few days before the transaction date of the call.  Until I entered a manual value, the discrepancy was basically the underlying value of the security on which the call was based.  After entering the manual call for a date prior the transaction date, the discrepancy disappeared.

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