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Portfolio is not reflecting recent transactions in investment accounts

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edited November 2018 in Investing (Mac)
After the recent upgrade, Quicken for Mac does not accurately show the value of the portfolio. The problem is that the number of shares in the portfolio are incorrect. This seems to be due to recent transactions (last month or so) not being reflected in portfolio view. When you count the shares based on buy and sell transactions, the number is different from portfolio one, and matches the shares in the account shown online at the bank website.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 2018
    Check the transaction history for placeholders. See this for more info:

    FAQ: What Are Placeholder Transactions in Quicken for Mac?
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  • I just noticed this same issue--my portfolio is not matching the shares in the transactions view. There does not appear to be any placeholder transactions. Any other ideas?
  • smcclary
    smcclary Member
    I have same issue - transactions view shows shares being removed but portfolio continues to include them. No placeholder transactions. 
  • lhossus
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    If no placeholder transactions, then you must proceed with the other troubleshooting steps described in the article pointed to by RickO. These steps begin at the paragraph that starts "If there is still a discrepancy, then you must do the hard work ...". You will find the problem if you do the work.

    BUT, be sure to read thru the whole section with the heading How do I investigate placeholder discrepancies? which includes other tips and precautions.
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