How to set up loans I have made to individuals as investments for tracking purposes

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I use Quicken Premier 2018 for Microsoft Windows.  As investments, I make loans to individuals and small businesses.  What is the proper way to define accounts, account types, and categories for these assets in Quicken? 


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    You beat me to it. I have used those steps several times and the result is exactly what I needed.
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    The lender loans will be initially classified as Asset accounts and report under the Property and Debt section in the sidebar.
    Open Edit Account Details > Display Options
    You can change Account Intent from Asset to Investment.
    The lender loan accounts will then be grouped in the Investment section of the sidebar.

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    I followed these instructions, however when I got to the steps required to define each loan, Quicken did not offer an option where a loan principal payment was only required at the end of the 2 year life of the loan.  Nor would it offer and option that interest only had to be paid once a year. 

    I ended up setting up an investment account titled Faulkenberry Loans and manually entered the the transactions to date.  However, Quicken is not reporting the total value of the assets correctly.  Nor did there seem to be a way to classify each loan as a separate investment (other security type).  Both loans are secured loans.

     I guess I may have to contact a Quicken Support person & have him/her walk me through the procedure.
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