Portfolio X-ray is Blank

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Running Q2016 Premier and for some time now Portfolio X-ray is completely blank.  It doesn't even show account filtering drop downs.  I have worked with CS and they basically said it was a Morningstar feature that they couldn't guarantee would always work.  I've tried the the ResetXRay=1 in Xray.ini, installing the Mondo Patch, Uninstalling Quicken then installing Mondo and still no X-ray.  My current feeling is that there is an internal browser issue since when I go to "Add on Services", that screen is also completely blank.

Any thoughts?


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    Ok, just to close this out.  I installed Q on a second computer with same version of windows and had the same problem.  I also noticed that the company producing the internal browser (Awesomium) hasn't updated that software since 2015 so I'm just thinking that the .dll isn't compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.  

    Anyway, since my version is sun-setting soon anyway, I upgraded to Q2019 Premier and Portfolio X-ray works fine.  Maybe this will help someone else.
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