How do I reconcile a business account?

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I have a few business accounts, one for each vendor I purchase from (not sure this is the best method), and after purchasing something (created an invoice), then paying the bill (payment to vendor), both items show the cleared mark in the register (the lower case letter c).

In a "normal" account, I can then reconcile the account, and the c turns to an R.

I see no way to do this in business/vendor accounts.

I suspect I'm not using the vendor/business accounts as intended.

Is there some way to reconcile these accounts, or a tutorial on how I should be using this/these accounts as intended?


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    A/P and A/R accounts (Customer Invoices, Vendor Invoices) cannot be reconciled. That feature does not exist in Quicken.
    All you can do is to look for transactions that are not marked "c" and see why they were not included in the "mark invoice as paid" process.

    IIRC, this was discussed before, but I'm still waiting for the programmers to make changes.
    - Cannot Reconcile these accounts.
    - Year End Copy does not remove unreconciled transactions, so your A/R, A/P account registers keep growing and growing.
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    Thanks for the confirmation.  I hope they make the changes as you suggest.
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