Customer Invoice - add a date field to rows

Can I add a field - I would like to have dates on the rows because i invoice for services not items.  I like the integration of customer invoices, that we can modify the existing fields and can track customer AR.

I am using Windows - Quicken Home Bus and rental V r15.18 build  


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    Sorry, that question has been asked multiple times before here in the Community.
    And the answer still is "No." You cannot add additional fields to the layout of the invoice.
    However, as you enter line items into a new invoice, you can always add the date as part of the Description field, either at the start or the end of the canned text.
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    I searched and found many posts on invoices but had not found this one.  Thank you for taking the time to answer it even though you have answered it before. 

    I might add the date to the description and modify the form to get rid of item.  Whether or not I use the invoice out of Quicken to send to customers, I will at least re-enter the invoices in Q in order to easily see accounts receivables, print statements, and review past business with clients.  It's a step up from my spreadsheet.  

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