Rental Property Business does not properly tag tax refund in tax account in Balance Sheet


  • Setup a rental property (setup a TAG for it)
  • Setup customer invoice for a guest
  • Receive Partial payment (rent + tax) (tax at given tax rate... e.g. 10%) {make sure you use the [Category]/[TAG] designation so that it shows up in the appropriate spots in the reports}
  • View Balance sheet Report (cash BASIS, include your TAG and None)
  • Verify tax goes up as expected in Balance Sheet Report (Liabilities - Tax Account)
    - (e.g. 10%)

NOW... issue a "cancellation"

  • Create a Credit for the full amount of the original stay
  • Issue a refund for the partial payment
  • Apply remaining Credit to original Invoice so that Invoice is marked PAID
  • Verify the Tax account goes back to what it was before (if it started at zero, it should go back to zero)
  • The Tax amount DOES NOT GO DOWN (eg. the refund tax is not applied on the report)
  • Balance Sheet Tax should go down when Refund was applied to Credit (just like it goes up when Payment is applied to Invoice. !@! )


  • Manually issue a split in the cash account for the individual categories
  • Create a Credit in the invoice account to close out original invoice
BTW... I already have Tags setup and verified that the [Category]/[TAG] designation DOES INDEED WORK for the forward case.  However the taxes do not seem to work for the reverse case.

I'm using:
  • Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property
  • 2019
  • Version: R16.14
  • Build:
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