Stock info doesn't autofill when manually recording sell transaction

Daniel Borden
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Using Quicken Deluxe 2019 for Mac, when I manually enter a sell transaction in the transaction register, it doesn't autofill the number of shares and other information the way Quicken 2007 did.  Is this feature just not supported, or am I missing something?

Also, FWIW, I think it's irritating that you're forced to enter all other information for a buy or sell transaction, and then the program backs into what the sell price is.  Let us decided which of the fields we want to populate please. (Not to sound like a broken record, but letting us choose was also how Quicken 2007 worked.  I understand that this is a whole re-write of the program, but I think the other way worked better.)



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    About the sell transaction- Why would you want Quicken to add the number of shares for a stock? You may have several different purchases or a single purchase of a stock and only want to sell a portion of that stock. If Quicken entered the total amount of shares, you would have to correct that entry. You, also, might want to sell from a certain lot if you have more than one lot.
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    That's true, but often I may be selling the entire position, and it's just faster to have it auto populate.  Also, when dealing with fractional shares, say in a Mutual Fund position where you may own 122.763 share for example, it's not uncommon to sell the entire position but not know down to the fraction how many shares that is, so this way you wouldn't have to go to the lot screen or trade confirmation to see the fractional breakdown.  Maybe it's just not liking change, but I prefer the way Quicken 2007 handled it.
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