bug? incorrect #shares for Vanguard Brokerage

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I set up an Investment/Brokerage account for Vanguard. The information is successfully downloaded, except for the fact that the number of shares is one (1!) for all the 4 accounts associated. Instead, the true number ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. 

The same behavior occurs with both DirectConnect and WebConnect. 

However, the QFX file I obtained from the Vanguard site (and uploaded on WebConnect) shows the correct number of shares.

This suggests that there's some bug in how DirectConnect and WebConnect process the related information. 

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Any advice from Quicken representatives? 

I'm running Quicken Deluxe 2019 Version 5.9.2 (Build 59.25153.100) on macOS 10.14.1

Gian Pietro 


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