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Using R15.24 Build

It seems like I am no longer getting quote and price history updates for my securities since Dec 6, 2018.  When I look a t Security Detail View, the Data as of date is listed as of 2018-12-06. I am updating daily with One Step Update and everything was working up until that date.  Not sure if that is on or near the date of the last program update. Now when I do a one step update, the services update report says I have 4 of 14 quotes and investing headlines updated. See Report.
I open the report and sure enough, not one of my Securities are being updated.  They are not private securities or infrequently traded or delisted as far as I know.  They are mutual funds.
Even the TSE 300 won't update.

Also, when in Security Detail View, nothing happens when I try to access the online research tools.  I can click on Quote, News, Analysis and Multiple Security Charting but nothing happens. I checked the help file and it says I should be accessing the embedded browser.  I verified that I have IE installed.  I validated my file. 

Suggestions or Solutions appreciated.


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    In the Edit Security Details dialogue box, which Exchange have you selected for the mutual funds? Did you select TSE or "Mutual Funds"? It must be set to "Mutual Funds" as illustrated below.

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    Yes, Type is indeed Mutual Fund but Exchange was set as Toronto.  Lovely answer, thanks Arctic Hare. 
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