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I have Quicken Premier 2019 with the latest updates. It is 5:18 PM EST on January 4, 2019. The mutual funds have not submitted their closing prices yet and I have confirmed this with five financial sites. However, in the Quicken Security Detail, it shows that AGTHX as of Jan 4, 2019 (supposedly today) closed at $41.76. That was yesterday's closing price ... Jan 3, 2019. This Quicken error is a nuisance to anyone who relies on Quicken to show accurate closing prices on the actual day they happened.


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    Do you download transactions from your brokerage?
    Did you know they also provide prices with those downloaded transactions?
    Do you know what date they defined for the latest prices they provided?

    See your OFX log for answers (Help in Quicken).  It is often helpful to 'save' the OFX log as a TXT file and examine that file in more detail.  I expect you will find that you downloaded transactions and holding information today and that your broker provided yesterday's close with today's date.  That's on them, not Quicken. 

    Typically, a broker will only provide the 'current' holdings and prices.  But they can decide if that 'current' information is today's or yesterday's.
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    Yes ... I download prices a couple of times a day.

    I think the point is that mutual funds have one price per day ... not like stocks. The "Date as of" shown in the Security Detail for a mutual fund should not change despite multiple intra-day price downloads, except upon when the closing price actually updates once a day at the end of the day. Until that time, the date of the closing price for a mutual fund is the previous trading day.
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    Give the computers some extra time to post their closing mutual fund prices.
    When I lived on the East Coast, I always waited until about 7 pm EST before I downloaded quotes (once a day).
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