splitting Section 8 housing payments

I receive one monthly deposit from the section 8 housing authority.  This month it was 1174.  It pays for two different tenants; 482 for one tenant and 692 for the other tenant.  When I enter the transaction for those rents, the checking account shows three deposits, 1174, 482, and 692.  I tried splitting the 1174 to show the two deposits.  When I try to change the status of the 482 and 692 payments by matching them, the popup box does not give me any possible transactions to match them to.


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    Hello Joseph D Miller,

    Welcome to the Quicken Community!  Thank you for taking the time to share your question with us, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    It sounds as though you may be manually entering the transaction as a split transfer transaction, is that correct?  If so, which account is the transaction being entered in?  A checking account?  In a Rental Income account?  Or in the Rent Center > Enter Rent section?

    To better understand the situation, may I ask, are your transactions downloaded from your Financial Institution or always manually entered in the account registers?

    If transactions are downloaded, are you manually entering this monthly deposit prior to it clearing and downloading into Quicken from the Financial Institution? Or, are you entering a split category for the cleared, downloaded deposit transaction?

    Please let us know, thank you.

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    Transactions are downloaded from my financial institution, and the housing authority issues one payment for both apartments.

    In the rental section, I enter a payment for each apartment, from the housing authority.  Those payments also show up in my transactions.  For other apartments, I can match rent up with a transaction.  In this case, the system will not allow me to match the two rent payment transactions up with the deposit transaction made by the housing authroty.

    I do not really understand your last group of questions.  I am new to quicken this year.
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    hello?  is anyone out there who knows a solution for this?
  • Joseph D Miller
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    You are 100% correct in your breakdown of what is happening.  Thank you for your explanation!  I can deal with the hassle knowing it is an expected work around.

    I did delete this month's downloaded amount back when I posted the question.  How do I get back a downloaded transaction that I delete?  I know refreshing/updating the accounts does not bring it back because I tried right after I deleted the transaction.

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