Incorrect cash balance in quicken / USAA Roth IRA

Dustin Creighton Davis
Dustin Creighton Davis Member ✭✭
edited January 2019 in Investing (Windows)

 Windows 2019 Quicken Premier Version R14.23  I just purchased quicken 2 days ago and manually entered the majority of last years IRA transactions.  When I deposit money into my IRA yearly contributions, USAA shows the
money being held in a FDIC Insured money market under the ticker QRTEQ.  If I deposit $100 into my IRA I now have 100
shares @ $1/share.  When I purchase a
security, USAA first “sells” the number of shares equivalent to the amount I
need to purchase the security. This is where the problem occurs when updating
quicken.  For example:

 1st USAA records a “Sold” from the money market QRTEQ for
the amount I need to purchase a security.

2nd USAA then records a “Buy” for the security.

3rd After uploading to quicken.  When I edit the details of the “Sold” transaction, it
shows the proceeds being deducted from this account’s cash balance.  QRTEQ is my cash balance.

How do I fix this problem where quicken recognizes my money market
QRTEQ as my cash balance.   I apologize
if my question is confusing and will try to clear up any questions.  Thank you