Income / Expense Comparison Report by Payee is missing data

Cindy Fry
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I've been using Quicken over 20 years; I'm running Quicken Deluxe 2019 for Windows , v R17.6, Build on a Windows 10 Home system.

I am seeing inconsistencies in what data is included in Quicken Reports. If I run a Tax Schedule report, all interest income is included. However, if I run an Interest / Expense Comparison Report by Payee, the results are not the same. The Interest Income total from a specific investment account is less than expected.

Even more weird - when I click on the total interest for that account in the comparison report in order to see the detail, the detailed schedule lists ALL the expected income with the correct annual total.

For example, the comparison report shows £127.40 of interest income (this represents income from five identified months), but when I click on the £127.40 to see the details, I am presented with a schedule of twelve months of payments, which total £301.64 - not £127.40!!!

These interest payments were entered as IntIncX transactions. I've gone into the customize settings and ensured that all accounts, categories and payees are ticked and 'include all' is selected for transfers.


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    As a troubleshooting step, have you tried customizing the two reports to only show the problem transactions?

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  • Cindy Fry
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    mshiggins - at your suggestion, I just customized the Interest / Expense Comparison by Payee report to include only the problem transactions.  The resulting report showed ALL of the expected interest income, presented on 2 lines.  One line was labeled 'no payee' and the other line was labeled with the payors name.  The INVESTMENT account register provides no opportunity for entering a payee - remember that these are IntIncX transactions.  Note that in a previous attempt to fix this problem, I edited the register of the BANK account into which the interest payments were transferred to reflect a Payee for each monthly transaction.  This did not fix the 'no payee' problem.  One observation of the INVESTMENT account register that might help:  all transactions that DO show a payee in the Comparison Report show the payor's name in the Description column of the  investment register, whereas all transactions treated as 'no payee' in the Comparison Report show the interest payment amount in the Description column of the investment register.  I don't know what caused this different treatment - the description column seems to be a field automatically populated by Quicken, vs. something I entered.  One other note - I have these interest payments set up as a monthly reminder, and before I 'accept' them, I have to manually adjust the amount as it varies slightly.