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I just converted from QW to QM.  In the former I was able to “keep accounts separate”. This feature would keep the account separate (excluded from Quicken reports and features) but I it would appear in the Account Bar within “Separate” heading for quick access.  I can’t seem to do that with QM.  I can select that it is hidden in reports, but if I list on the sidebar, it gets co-mingled with the rest of my assets and is included in the Net Worth total in the bottom.  In QW, account under Separate are not included in the total.  Does anyone have a solution?  Maybe it is to have a separate file for these accounts, but I don’t know how to separate these accounts.  Thanks.


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    That feature does not currently exist, but there is a IDEA post for that you can vote for (below). Make sure you click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count:

    That said, it is generally good practice to maintain accounts for separate entities/individuals in separate Quicken files. A good rule of thumb is that if that person's/entity's taxes are filed separately, then use a separate Quicken file.
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