2012 MacBook Pro. Renewed subscription, but Quicken will not load accounts, or re-install app.

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I don’t use online accounting; I manually enter all transactions and check to see if they’ve cleared the bank. In January my subscription expired and I couldn’t look at my accounts at all. 2 days later, at a public WiFi, I renewed with a simpler plan. After an update I was able to see my budget... for the last time. Quicken had me remove the app and now it won’t reload. They had me remove all finance data (my back up is at least 6mo old) and it still will not re-install the app. I even called Apple for troubleshooting help- they diagnosed it’s a quicken problem. In the meantime, I can’t touch my account because I’m waiting for automatic withdrawals to clear and I have no idea what’s left when they do! I even tried reinstalling from disc but I keep getting told that it didn’t shut down properly the last time I was in it and it refuses to download the NEW disc. Any else having trouble like this?


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    Hello K. Appreciate your question.

    I would reach out to Quicken Support and allow one of our Mac representatives to look into this issue and work towards a solution.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    I’ve already been through 3 different agents and the problem is worse than when I started... which I didn’t think was possible. I’m going to request a refund and look for a mac compatible program.
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