Change colors or remove alternating blue/white background

Is it possible to change the colors for the alternating background for each line or change to a different color when looking at transactions?


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    Hello Dennis. Appreciate your question.

    Are you inquiring about the PC or Mac version of Quicken:

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    For Windows it's here.

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    Other Color settings are available in Quicken for Windows:
    • Preferences / Colors
    • Preferences / Reports only: print report on paper with/without "Alternate row color"

  • Unknown
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    The colors in the register appearance seem to be for specific
    accounts not for the alternating row color. I either just want to remove the
    white/blue from displaying on the screen or change the light blue to a
    different color.
  • UKR
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    the Colors button that @GeoffG pointed you to will do just that.

    Let's say you want to change the register color on all your personal Checking accounts go into Edit / Preferences / Register and click the Colors button.
    In the Choose Register Colors panel click the "Default " box next to Spending (the one I outlined in red) and you'll get a popup list of available color choices. Click to select a different color, click OK then click OK again on the Preferences panel and your Checking account register will show the new color choice.
    You can have different colors selected for each of the account types shown, but you cannot have different colors for individual accounts of the same type..
    You cannot completely eliminate striped background in register views.

    Please note that this only changes register colors. It does not change striped background used by other views.
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