ESPP Shares to be split for divorce

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I have some ESPP shares that I acquired in 2003 and have been tracking in Quicken ever since. About 10 years ago I transferred them into my JTWROS account when I changed companies. Now I need to split them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? At this point, they are the only shares in my JTWROS Quicken account.


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    John, the answer will depend on how the transfer to the JTWROS account was handled, which would could have changed the security type from ESPP to Stock. Note: this answer assumes you are using Quicken for Windows.

    Check the security type for the shares by clicking on the security name under the JTWROS account in the Investing tab's Portfolio view. This will open the security in the Security Detail view.

    If the Type is Stock, use a Remove - Shares Removed action from the Enter Transactions button in the JTWROS account and remove half the shares.

    If the Type is ESPP, use Sold ESPP Shares action from the Enter Transactions button in the JTWROS account to start the ESPP sell wizard. In the wizard, after selecting the ESPP security and clicking Next, you'll be presented with a dialog that has 3 choices. Choose the 3rd option, "No, withdraw the shares without affecting any cash balance (SharesOut)". Proceed through the remaining wizard dialogs, specifying to remove half the shares.

    For anyone following along wondering what JTWROS is, it is Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship.

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    Thanks for the reply. I transferred them in to the JTWROS account as ESPP shares. Following your ESPP steps, I end up removing the shares but then I need to add them to the individual brokerage accounts manually. I suppose I use the buy ESPP wizard and enter the original information?