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2 pesky problems with investments that Quicken developers should fix:

1st, when copying and pasting a reconciled investment transaction, the pasted transaction is reconciled also.  This is not the case with banking transactions - the reconciled flag is off.  I prefer the banking behavior.  Compounding the problem, one cannot alter the reconciled flag with investment transactions like with banking transactions (where I can choose "Uncleared", "Cleared", or "Reconciled"), so I cannot just remove the flag.  Please add the banking-like behavior to the investment transactions.  I use the copy/paste to do new similar investment transactions, so this is a nuisance for me.

2nd, when coming back from the online update for investments, I get the line:
            15 of 17 quotes and investing headlines updated.  See a report.
The report always shows Citigroup (C) and AT&T (T) as flagged for "No new quotes or investing headlines were downloaded for the securities below.".  The program lists 4 reasons why this can occur, but they do not apply to both C and T.  This has been going on for years in my Quicken program.  I've tried various ways to fix this, and none are successful. 


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    #2:  Has been a problem for several years.  The program does not point to the actual securities that are missing their quotes.

    For some further ideas, see discussions and my comments here:
    and here:
    and here (for example):
  • Thanks for the reply.  I know it's been a while, but it also was a potentially long project finding the problem, so I put it off.  I finally was able to get back to this annoying problem.

    Here's how I solved the problem of the quotes:
    1. I copied the quicken data file into another name (let's call it PLAY) and ran quicken on the PLAY file.  That's because I'll be playing fast & loose on clicking which stocks should be downloaded and I didn't want to have to remember how to restore them once I was done.
    2. On the new Quicken data file, I first counted the number of quotes that couldn't be found, and ignored the particular ones reported.
    3. Then, I pulled up the security list from Investing tab.  The securities that don't have a Download Quote or Watch List tick mark are not the problem.  Then, I unchecked a couple of letter groups, like A-B at a time, and redid the update.  If the number of missing quotes was not reduced, I then went to C-D, etc.  When I got 1 or more hits, I know that letter group was at play, and I did a binary search looking for the culprit, by turning on several quotes at a time and looking for a change in the Update result.  This method is fairly quick.
    4. I then went back to my real Quicken data file and un-clicked the marks on the erroneous quotes, and did a final Update to verify the changes.  Actually, I also hid the stocks because they both had merged with other stocks and were now obsolete.
    5. Lastly, I deleted the PLAY data set.
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