Quicken Confuses General Motors (GM) and General Mills (GIS) at TDAmeritrade

Richard Anderson
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I had 800 shares of GIS at TDAmeritrade. Quicken (Windows AND Mac AND Web) all say that I also have 800 shares of GM, and makes a placeholder for it. I delete the placeholder, it comes back.-
I tried to trick it by selling 400 shares of GIS and buying 400 shares of GM. The Quickens now  correctly say I have 400 shares of GIS, but incorrectly say I have 400 + 400 shares of GM — 400 real shares, plus 400 phantom shares.- Tired of having to delete the phantom shares after every download, I finally gave up and sold all 400 GM and 400 GIS. Still not done, I had to go in and clean up phantom GM sales resulting in a balance of -800 shares.


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    Richard, are you using QMac or QWin?

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  • Richard Anderson
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    QMac (primarily) and still QWin (because QWin has much better investment reporting. They both had the same problem with GIS & GM at TDAmeritrade. ——— the eMoney and Personal Capital portals did NOT have that problem. They both reported GIS & GM holdings correctly.

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