Bug Report - Stock Options & When Quicken opts to rename a security

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edited January 2019 in Investing (Windows)
Using Quicken 2019 Premier, R17.6.  I had a variety of stock options listed in my Quicken account.  My company changed names and stock symbol last year. At first it was no problem, as I manually went into the security list and updated the stock symbol with the new one, but keeping the company name the same.

Just recently, Quicken asked if I wanted to rename the security to the new name.  I chose Yes in the dialogue box, and all of a sudden, all of my stock option grant entries had BLANKS for the security name.  The stock option values VANISHED.  There is no way to change the ledger entry on a stock option grant other than deleting and recreating it, so I was left to restore an old version my portfolio and spend hours updating transactions from the past two months.