How do I fix my investment value?

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I have a problem and I'm in search of a solution.

I have an inherited IRA in my Quicken Investments.  When I compared the number of shares in Quicken to the number of shares held by Edward Jones I was off my 394 and some fractional shares.  I went in and saw that Quicken had the capability to adjust the share balance so I made the number of shares in Quicken match that of Edward Jones.  When I did this however Quicken up the value by $3,422.46 so my value is now overstated and does not match what Edward Jones is showing..  I would like the share balance and the value balance to match.but I'm not sure how to make that happen.  Can anyone provide me with a method to make this happen?  Thanks.


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    As long as your Quicken share balance matches your Jones holdinds, you can use the security list drop down menu to update the price of the shares that Jones tells you have on a specific date via "Edit price history". Then your Quicken balance should match your Jones balance.
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    Thanks for the reply.  I took a break and came back and noticed something.....

    When you open the IRA account and you look on the right side of the screen below where the transactions are shown it shows "Security Value:" and it shows the a value that matches what Edward Jones says the shares are worth.  Same thing if you select Holdings and look under Account Status.  The problem is with the Accounts List on the left side of the screen where it shows all of my banking, credit card and securities balances.  It is the balance in the Accounts List that now does not match what the account value is when you open the account.  Any thoughts on how to resolve that discrepancy?

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