Why is the Check # showing up in the Inv. # column when posting an invoice payment?

I am posting payments to invoices sent.  When I go into the invoice and click on Receive Payment, I post the payment.  I put in the Check # and in the Memo section I put in the Invoice #.  Once that is complete and saved, I look into the Customer Invoices account and the Check # shows up in the Invoice # column.  The Memo does show the Invoice # I entered but why does the Check # show up in the Invoice # column?


  • QuickUserLV
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    Does anyone know?  Thanks
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    The column should probably be labeled Invoice #/Payment # but there's not enough space. It does say PMT right below the check # as well as INVC below the invoice #  so what's the problem?
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  • QuickUserLV
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    I expect the data respective of the title would be the data in the column. When I sort on Invoice # it intermixes all the check #s since they are also in the column. Sounds like it is something I just need to accept if that is how Quicken has it setup. Thanks
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