Quicken not prompting to create new security when downloading transactions for a CD

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So I've been using Quicken forever (at least it seems) and have never had this problem in my file.  But recently I set up a file for my parents to manage their finances and when I download transactions from Schwab I do not get the popup window asking if I want to create a new security when a transaction w/ a new security is downloaded.

At first I thought it was a mistake but it just occurred again today.  I popped into help under "about managing securities" and found this.

I looked in the online center, at the setup of the account, etc and nowhere can I find anything that indicates there is a setting or such to not prompt the user when a new security is downloaded.  But I'm human so I could have missed something.

The only thing I can think of is that these transactions are buying CDs and not stocks so I'm wondering if that has something to do w/ it but the help text doesn't indicate that the prompt is dependant on the type of security.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.


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    Have never bought a CD thru a brokerage account - just with an account at a bank - and then each CD was setup as it's own account, like checking, savings, etc.
    Wonder if Schwab has no way to match a symbol to the CD, therefore it's not really a "security" and therefore nothing to match it against.  Wonder how it looks on the Schwab website.
    BTW - you might change/edit your posting title for "transactions for a CD"

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    Thanks ps56k.  The transaction comes in as a Buy transaction.  There is no issue w/ the transaction.  The only issue is on Quicken's side as Quicken does not popup the window asking me to confirm/add a new security. Quicken just adds it automatically.
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    What's the setting for investment accounts about auto-accepting downloaded transactions? On or off?
    What does the CD entry in the Security List look like? Is it OK?
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    Auto-accept download is off.  I have to manually accept downloaded transactions.  CD in security list looks normal.