Historical Price History

When it automatically updates ban and stock data it imports a lot of incorrect stock price data which I have to go and correct. So 2 questions

1) Why is it importing incorrect stock data.  Usually a huge number associated with a large trading volume.
2) If there is no fix to #1 how can I stop it from overwriting existing data and just supply new data so it doesn't over write my corrections.


  • q_lurker
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    Can you give a few examples of stocks that show such behavior?  It is not normal behavior and likely requires a case-by-case correction through the data supplier that feeds Quicken the data.
  • Wcp on the toronto stock excgange is one but there were several.  It seems to coeince with the last day in certain months both price and volume are screwed
  • That doesn't answer my question on WCP.   I just downloaded the newest version of Quicken and it still does it for WCP and few other select Stocks.  On WCP it always seems to coincide with the end of the month.  WCP has had no stock splits

  • The historical price of a fund should not change prior to the date of the split in my "Account Overview" or reports.  Please see the attachment.  I no longer owned any of the affected funds on the date of the split.