Portfolio View Cannot Report on User-Specified Groups of Accounts


In Portfolio View, you can select Quicken's preset account groups (Brokerage, Retirement) or a single account.  

It would be very useful to be able to show user-selected multiple accounts in Portfolio View.  For example, if my wife and I have 3 accounts at Fidelity (one Brokerage and two Retirement) and 2 accounts at Morgan Stanley (one Brokerage and one Retirement) and I want to just view my 3 Fidelity accounts together, it does not appear that you can do this.

But in Quicken Help under Learning About Portfolio View, under the caption Accounts, it states “The account drop-down allows you to choose which accounts [PLURAL] you would like to see in the combined view.”  But as far as I can tell the drop-down feature does nothing more than what can be done by clicking the preset account groupings (Investing, Brokerage, Retirement, etc.) or the individual account in the account listing in the sidebar.

Finally, let me say that Quicken 2007 allowed the user to very easily customize its Portfolio Value report to include any combination of accounts, and to memorize that report with its customized account grouping for future use.

I strongly encourage Quicken to provide this important capability.

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  • lhossus
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    The account drop-down CAN be used to select multiple individual accounts.

    The drop-down defaults to All Investing Accounts - and displays this as its label.

    Now click on the drop-down and select an individual account. The label changes to the name of that account.

    Now click on the drop-down and select another individual account. The label now changes to "2 Accounts". And if you click on the drop-down, you will see checks beside the 2 accounts.

    You can remove accounts from the selected list by clicking on the drop-down and then clicking on the account to be removed.

    On your second suggestion: agreed, it would be very useful if the settings for the Portfolio could be saved as a custom report (or view?). This is the same need as one has with register views where the ability to save multiple custom settings is painfully lacking.
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  • MikeChicagoIL
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    Thanks Ihossus for showing me how to do this.  I just tried and it works.  And yes, it would be great if the customized account groupings could be saved.
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