Investments - cannot get system to recognize account already entered and shown, to add purchases

In investments, system is not recognizing existing investment shown in file when I try to add a purchase of additional shares


  • q_lurker
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    Could you perhaps restate your question -- what happened in the real world, how this is represented in Quicken, how you are trying to "get system to recognize account".  I am having trouble understanding your issue.  An expanded description might help.
  • I track investments in Quicken's portfolio section. In December I set up two new investments (mutual funds) and entered transactions for investments in them. As with all other investments, these have specific names. When I now go to add to each of these two, the system doesn't recognize the names, and wants to create new investments rather than allowing me to add to the existing ones.
  • Bob_L
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    Edit the security and verify that you have not set the “Type” to index. It should instead be set to mutual fund.

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  • Thanks! Did the trick.