Can I modify an existing report and save it with a different name without losing the Original?

Under Q for Mac 2007, I used to be able to customize a (very complex) report from a previous year, change the dates and certain content, and save it under a new name without affecting the report saved under last year's name.  When I tried to update my year-end report from 2017 to the one needed for 2018, Quicken 2019 REPLACED my 2017 report with the new one.  Not what I need to happen.  Surely there must be a better way to do than than build a New Report from scratch every year.??

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  • lhossus
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    Try this:
      1. Open the report you wish to customize for the new year.
      2. Click on the Customize button. DO NOT alter any custom settings
      3. Click the checkbox beside Save as custom report and enter a new report name.
      4. Now customize the report.
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    1. Well, that sort of worked.  When I did that, it saved the report under the old title and appended a 1 after it, even though I had changed the title in the header.  To save it under the new name, had to Customize the -1 version again,  change the name and NOT click the Save as Custom Report checkbox.
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