Can I use Quicken on both my Windows and Mac computers?

I downloaded a file conversion tool to make a Mac file from my Windows file. Once I succeed in importing that converted file into the Mac Quicken would I be able to use Quicken on both my Windows and Mac computers. When I select Sync, is my computer data and mobile data all synced?


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    You can run both the Win and Mac versions of Quicken in parallel. You can have the same accounts set up in each version and you can download those same accounts to each version. You initiate the download in the QWin version and then you do the same in the Mac version; i.e., you duplicate your data entry and updating in each version.

    The two versions run totally independent of each other - each version has its' own data file.

    No, the two versions do not sync with each other. You can sync each version to the cloud but they do not sync with each other.
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