Manual investment entries not properly adjusting in Portfolio prior to 2018.

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Unable to manually update investment account for dates prior to 2018.  Using Quicken for Mac Version 5.10.1 (Build 510.25438.100).  Manual entires are recognized if entered in April 2018 but I need to update in 2017 as I have not updated/downloaded for some time.  When making manual entries for prior years, Quicken will record the transaction but keep adjusting the original share balance to always equal what the share balance was after converting to the Mac version.  In other words, if I enter a Reinvested Dividend for 06/26/2017 Quicken will reduce the imported share balance so the end share balance remains unchanged from what was imported on conversion.  The manual updates will show in the Transaction view but not adjust in the Portfolio view.


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    If a Placeholder transaction keeps "undoing" what you are trying to do, here is what I suggest (assuming the placeholder in question is accurate prior to your entry of additional transactions:

    1. Make a backup of your data file so you have something to go back to if you don't like the results.
    2. Write down what the placeholder transaction is for (i.e., Add X shares, etc. )
    3. Delete the offending placeholder
    4. Manual create an identical transaction (Add or Remove Shares, etc.) to replace the placeholder do the final share balance is correct.
    This should create a static transaction for the correct amount that will not auto-magically adjust as you add additional transactions. 

  • Steven T Williams
    Grateful for the response.  I found it best to delete the placeholder and as entering missed transactions the ending totals balanced out.  Sorting transactions by symbol helped as suggested by chat support.  It's been a long time but I now remember this with an older windows version but feels and looks different.  The trick is to not delay updates.  Thanks again.
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