How to add an individually held stock

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I was able to add my investments that are held with a brokerage firm but I hold shares of multiple stocks on my own, not with a brokerage firm.
How do I enter the stock and the amount of shares that I hold so Quicken will track it?
I found an article that mentions how to do this with Quicken for MAC but not Windows. When I click on 'Add Account', under "Investing & Retirement" there is no 'Other' option; just 'Brokerage', '401k or 403b', IRA or Keogh Plan' and '529 plan'. Those are my only options.
Sorry, just new to Quicken and so far, not a big fan. Adding our various investment accounts, multiple 401k accounts, ect has not been easy. Either we are really doing something wrong or this app was not a good choice.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    To track your stocks not held at a brokerage firm, you would create one or more manual brokerage accounts in Quicken and use Buy or Add to specify the stock lots. 

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