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Downloading Investment Transactions from TD Waterhouse (TD Direct) Canada- need clarity

willi1 Member ✭✭✭
I'm trying to run Windows and Mac concurrently to flesh out 'issues' particularly with regard to investments.  There would appear to be a few. I converted my Windows file, not a new file. 

It is my understanding that I am not able to download transactions from TD Direct Canada at this time, based on my last discussion with Support.  On the Mac side, it would appear that they are downloading 1) by presence of duplicate entries, and 2) by virtue of an error message I get when I try to delete one of the perceived downloaded entries, which states "This transaction was downloaded. Are you sure you want to delete it?"

This leads to a conundrum as the entries I have done to enable Dividend Income (_Div Inc) will show up on reports, but the mystery entries do not, although they are shown in the register. This whole exercise is enough to make one want to pull out one's hair. 

Can anyone shed some more light on this? Does someone know of a thread on this particular issue?  I've searched, but come up empty handed. 

Thanks for any input. Would certainly be appreciated.

Quicken Mac 2019 Canada


  • willi1
    willi1 Member ✭✭✭
    I can see I wasn't very clear. I've never been able to get investment transactions to download for the Canadian Deluxe version for Windows.  I was told at one point that you can't download investment transactions for Canadian accounts. This is why I was surprised that I was seeing some activity for Mac, but in all fairness, I hadn't been trying in Windows.   Although, after a couple of kicks at this on the Mac side and chasing down a few rabbits, I've decided to run parallel without investments and take another run at it, if the investment side improves...too many issues with Mac and investments for me
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