Has anyone used any of the ProperSoft converters?

I need to convert CSV files from my brokerage firm (only download format they have) so I can import into Quicken 2019 for Mac. ProperSoft has a few programs that look like they might do the job. But first I wanted to know what other people's experience with that company has been. They seem to offer a lot of support, but are they responsive? They are not in the Apple App Store for MacOS, which make me a bit wary to just download and run. 



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    Hey D Rendon,

    I have been using this process because Quicken has not fixed the issue with downloading transactions directly from HSBC since September 2018!

    I downloaded the trial version of ProperSoft off CNET and have been using that...Nice and easy to use for converting CSV to QIF and then I import the QIF file to Quicken...this way to can test it out for your needs before buying the full cost version.

    I have no experience with their support or responsiveness, hopefully somebody else can help you with that.

    Here's the link on CNET  -  https://download.cnet.com/CSV2QIF/3000-2066_4-75362863.html

    Hope this helps you out!
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