Merging two accounts in Quicken for Mac 2019

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I'm using Quicken for Mac 2019. I've had a brokerage account for several years that Quicken has tracked quite well. I had to create a new account at my brokerage firm and transferred all the assets to the new account. When I went to begin to track the new account, Quicken brought over the assets but none of the basis information and none of the earlier transactions. Now I have two parallel brokerage accounts, one with the assets and the other with all the old transactions. I'd like to join them. Any thoughts?


  • John_in_NC
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    You can't move investment transactions between accounts, so you won't be able to combine these two accounts. Is this a situation where you can simply use the new credentials/account info on the older account?

    If you are worried only about the basis info, you should be able to edit the placeholder transaction to represent the cost for the shares added in. If you want the explicit lot tracking, then you, unfortunately, will have to show every acquisition separately in the new account. (And you would have to show the removal from the old account if you wish to keep it around.) 
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