How do I resolve error to exercise employee stock options?

Have been using Quicken for years including entering Options.  I enter RSU Options and see them under Holdings and Security Detail View but when I use the Wizard to Exercise Employee Stock Option, Quicken returns the following " None of your grants have vested shares available as of the date you provided.  Click Back to check the date.  You may have selected the wrong employee stock option or the wrong account."

I recently upgraded from Quicken 2016 to 2019


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    Hello @txscott

    Welcome to the Quicken Community!  We appreciate your taking the time to share the details of this error with us, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    If you are still experiencing issues entering options, please take a moment and review the information available at and let us know if it helps to resolve this issue.

    Thank you,

  • txscott
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    Sarah,  Thanks for the response, unfortunately this does not resolve my issue.

    I'm familiar with RSU and Option entry (have used them for years) in Quicken.

    I've only seen the problem with RSU exercising.  I can see the RSU in the Holding/Security View (assuming Grant transitions completed).  But when I try to exercise, I get an error indicating that there are no RSUs to exercise yet the Holding/Security Views appear correct and shows the RSUs.

    I have not seen an issue with regular option entry and disposition.

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    @txscott can you mention the details of the RSU grant so we can try to duplicate the issue?

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