New to Quicken - having issues with syncing, inaccurate online balance, fast data entry nav, delete

I'm new to quicken. I was hoping that this program would make less work for me and am pretty bummed with the experience so far. Below are the issues I'm having that are taking a long time to figure out and I haven't found explanations online. (I have the latest version of quicken with the most up to date patch installed last week)

1) In one of my accounts synced to quicken the "online balance" is wildly inaccurate. How do I make this display reflect reality?

2) Some accounts are not appearing in the one step update drop down list. I'm using Web Connect Express for all my accounts. 

3) The default keyboard preferences don't seem to help me enter data faster. Since not all of my transactions from my accounts sync to quicken, I have to manually enter a tedious amount of transactions. Tab, Enter, and Esc keys are not helping me advance from cell to cell. How do I set preferences so that these keys relate to tab stops in my register table? 

4) The first time I imported a .QFX file from an account I got a pop up prompt asking me if these transactions belonged to an existing account and if so to select which. That makes sense. But on subsequent account imports for different accounts, I no longer get this pop up. And I don't trust quicken to put transactions in the correct account. 

5) In manually entering transactions, I make mistakes which Quicken doesn't always allow me to correct. I accidentally manually entered six transactions from a 2017 statement when I was trying to enter from 2018. I was able to delete four of my mistaken entries. But Quicken wouldn't let me delete the last two? Why? I entered them in the exact same way. I didn't even reconcile any of the six transactions. Of the remaining two transactions that I needed to delete, one of them didn't have a delete option on right click, gear, or top tool bar; and the delete key did nothing. The other one did still have a delete option in the right click, gear, and top menus - but when I clicked it and clicked confirm from the pop-up, it did not delete. 

I would really like to understand the logic of this program so that I can make the process as smooth and fast as it can be. Right now I am stumped as to why this program is taking so much of my time and never seems accurate. 

Thank you for any insights you can provide into these issues! 

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