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I was very excited to see the improved financial features in Quicken over the last year or so.  However, I have come to the conclusion that the "Portfolio Performance" is more of a toy than a real tool. 

Here is why I say this:

1.  I cannot adjust or customize date ranges.
2.  I cannot see or export the underlying cash flows/asset values on which the IRR calculations are done
3.  I cannot see the performance of a stock that I have bought and sold I.e. the Performance Calculations only works on current positions.  
4. If I own a stock that pays dividends, I can associate the dividends with that stock so that the Performance reflects the value of the security as well as those dividends.  However, If buy or sell any options related to that position, I cannot associate the cash flows of those options transactions with the security.  Attached please find a simple example of buying stock, selling a call, buying back the call, selling a new call, and then selling the stock itself.   Please note that I used MS Excel's XIRR function which does the calculations based on specific dates vs. the IRR functions which assumes a constant time delta between the cash flows.
5.  The realized gain calculations done on closed positions seems to only consider the change in asset values and calculates a percentage change as opposed to any sort of IRR.  I am not sure if this calculation includes dividends etc along the way.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

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