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Restoring vs using a backup file - naming issues

D Bunker
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edited February 2019 in Investing (Windows)
I am making progress on entering the historical AT&T divestiture into Quicken: AT&T parent spun off 7 Baby Bells so I am spinning them off sequentially. Getting the cost per share correct has taken some trial and error (or iterations and interpolations). I got pretty close using a single lot for AT&T parent, then running the spin offs. But when I use all the lots, I get some rounding error. When I perfect a spin off with all the lots, I would like to save it (back it up) and try the next spin off. When I fail, I want to go back to that previously perfected point. (Just removing the transactions is time consuming since a spin off affects many lots.) I just got a message that said that I could not use that backup to restore because I was in it (running new numbers for the next spin off). What is the trick? Should I change the name of the backup BEFORE restoring to use it to test my new cost numbers? Thanks.

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  • D Bunker
    D Bunker Member ✭✭
    Dear q_lurker,
    My solution was to create a backup file such as AT&T Pre Ameritech spin off AND immediately make a copy (AT&T Pre Ameritech spin off copy). I would use the copy to restore and run a trial. If it failed, I would create copy2, restore copy2, run trial, repeat until success. Then make a backup Post Ameritech spin off and copy, etc. I managed the AT&T divestiture to the penny. I would be happy to share the key new share and old share costs for each of the Baby Bells. I would prefer that Quicken allow the option of inputting allocation percentages since they are usually easier to find than the share prices!