Each on my accounts shows funds with zero shares

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Not sure what happened, but when I look at the Investing tab, its now showing everything that I have ever invested in even if there is a zero (share or $$$) balance.  For example, I was in an employer stock plan years ago and since gotten out of it (no shares, 0 balance).  In the Account list, it is marked as 'Hidden' but its now appearing on the Investing tab.  Same thing is happening for my brokerage accounts.  Its listing any of the funds that I was in.  For example, lets use some numbers, over time I was invested in a total 15 funds but now I'm down to 3, but for that brokerage account in the investing tab its showing 15 funds, 12 of them with zero shares, market value, cost basis, etc.

How do I clean this up so that the Investing tab only shows me what I'm currently invested in??
I'm using Quicken 2016 Premier Version R19.5 Build on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • GeoffG
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    A file validation is in order. File>File Operations>Validate. Be sure it include price history and rebuild investment lots. 
  • Ran the validation twice, first time I selected "Validate File" and "Rebuild investing lots" but the Investing tab wasn't changed.  Second time, I selected "Rebuild investing lots" only and the investing tab wasn't changed.  Still showing all funds (most of which have zero shares, market value, etc settings.
  • BINGO!!! Thanks q_lurker removing that setting did the trick
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