How do I enter share price?

Don Awalt
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I am entering a mutual fund Buy transaction in Quicken for Mac, and I cannot enter the share price as I can with the Windows version, is this true? I know the total cost/amount I am investing, and I know the closing price - I would like Quicken to take those values and calculate the number of shares. But it seems it requires me to do the math with a calculator as I am only allowed to enter total cost and number of shares, and it calculates the price? Am I missing something, why the restriction?

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  • Quicken Harold
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    Hello Don. Appreciate your question.

    You are correct with the information in which you have posted. Quicken for Mac will take the total cost (what you spent on the shares) and will divide the total of shares in which you bought and will give you a quote from your brokerage.

    Once the information is added (either by adding the security or Adding Shares to the security) then the system will provide the newer totals (adding or removing based on the current values from the trading day.) 

    We apologize that the software can't do the reverse option, but normally the information in which you receive from your brokerage will have the data that you need to setup the security. You could also setup automatic downloads from your brokerage as well.

    Hope this information is helpful. 

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