How do I receive a vendor credit in Quick H&B 2019?

When I create vendor credit, and then turn around and receive a payment, it doesn't show the payment as a credit.


  • UKR
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    Please explain what's going on here in more detail.
    You created a Vendor Invoice in your Accounts Payables account for items you purchased.
    You returned some of the items and received a refund, entering a New Refund transaction into Quicken.
    Now you are trying to pay the rest of the vendor invoice. Am I correct so far?
    When recording the New Payment to Vendor transaction, have you checked the "Apply existing credits" box?
  • schulcb
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    From within the "vendor invoice" account, I am selecting "new credit"

    That opens this credit window.  1st question is, do I need to enter the value as a negative, or since this is a credit window, does Quicken already assume a positive value will be treated as a credit?

    Regardless, once I save the record, and reopen, it no longer is recorded as a credit, but the form looks to be a normal Vendor invoice.

    When I try to create a payment, I am not sure how to do it so that it shows as a credit into the ultimate account.

  • UKR
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    I still don't know what you are trying to achieve here ...
    but a Credit is entered as a positive number.
    After recording it, it will show in the account register with Type = CRED and the amount will appear in the paid column.
    If you have recorded transactions in this order:
    Incoice first, for full amount due
    Then Credit
    Finally Payment, for reduced amount
    then "Apply existing credits" should work correctly and all 3 transactions should be marked paid..
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