Transfers, and recurring payments are not importing to my correct Capital One and Chase Accounts

Alright, so I got Quicken in - it looks like July of 2018. I started importing and setting up my accounts then but ran into import annoyances right away so I procrastinated working on my Quicken until last week - taxes crunch time.  I'm still trying to work through all of these annoyances so that I can get Quicken up and running smoothly, and actually - you know - quick.  VERSION: R18.15; BUILD:

More background: I have two accounts with Chase and two accounts with Capital One. I am using one step update where possible, but I am also having to import .QFX files, because I want a full register from 2018 and that's the only way it's letting me import back that far for some months. 

It looks like regardless of how I import my records, Quicken is having trouble putting transfers in the correct account. And it's also having trouble putting monthly recurring payments in the correct account. It will put one of these records that's actually from Capital One Account A into Capital One Account B. And the same with Chase.

Quicken also just generally seems to be having problems with me having two Capital One Accounts and Two Chase Accounts. I just tried to one step update one of my Capital One accounts and it failed. 

I've deactivated and reactivated each of these accounts at least once in the past three days to get one step update to work properly. So it seems like I shouldn't have to do that again. Are my expectations incorrect here? Is this something I'm going to need to do every day?

1) What is the remedy for automated import inaccuracies?
2) What is the remedy for recurrent one step update failures with multiple accounts from the same institution? 
3) How do I make these remedies without having to re-import 30+ .QFX files, without loosing my notes and memos, without loosing my category selections, without loosing my reconciliation records, without loosing my correct balance totals, and without loosing the register records I've had to manually enter because of import failures? Ie. without loosing over a solid week's worth of work?

4) How come sometimes in my account list the transaction download column says "Yes (Improve Connection)" and other times it says "Yes(Express Web Connect+)"?  What does this mean? Why does it seem to be changing on a daily basis for each account?

Thanks for your help!


  • Oksana Baiul
    Ok, great. So now I just deactivated and reactivated my Capital One account that would not one step update. The one step works now but now I have three months worth of duplicate records! I'm really going to need some advice here because every time I import anything, everything goes haywire and it is taking far too much of my time to manage. 
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